Tax Organizer For 2014

You are invited to print out this organizer and use it. This will help you organize your 2014 tax information (and make sure you don't miss any important deductions) . Whether you do your own tax return or use our preparation and electronic filing services, we hope you'll find it useful and informative!

To complete your 2014 Individual Income Tax Returns, some information may be required from your 2013 return.
If we did not prepare your 2013 Individual Income Tax Return, please provide that information by mailing or faxing a copy to us.

Taxpayer Information

First Name   Initial    Last Name    Social Security #    Date of Birth
Street Address
City State Zip
Home Telephone    Work Telephone
Email    Occupation

Spouse Information

First Name    Initial    Last Name    Social Security #    Date of Birth
Street Address
City State Zip
Home Telephone    Work Telephone
Email    Occupation

Electronic Filing

Electronic filing is the best way to file your return. May we electronically file your return? Yes! No

If due a refund, would you like to Direct Deposit it into your bank account?    Yes (attach a VOIDed check) No

Deposit into your Checking or Savings account?    Checking Savings

Filing Status



Married Filing Separate

Head of Household*

Qualifying widow(er)

* Single parents of adult children may no longer qualify.


Definition: Type of Dependent - We need this information to determine if the dependent may qualify you for Earned Income or other Tax Credits. Select by number from the pull down list below.
  1. Child who lived with you
  2. Child who did not live with you
  3. Other dependent
  4. Grandchild
  5. Student under age 24
  6. Child who is permanently disabled
  7. Not eligible for earned income tax credit
  8. Other dependent that is totally and permanently disabled
Definiton: Relationship - Select the dependent's most descriptive relationship from the pull down list below.

Type First name Last name Date of Birth
Social Security # Relationship Months in home Child Care Expenses *
* Attach information on each Child or Dependent Care Provider including Employer ID Number (or SSN), address, and amount paid.

Salaries and Wages

W2 # Gross Income Federal Withholding FICA


State Withholding

State ID

Local Withholding

1. $ $ $ $ $ $
2. $ $ $ $ $ $
3. $ $ $ $ $ $
4. $ $ $ $ $ $
5. $ $ $ $ $ $

Other Income

INTEREST: Attach 1099-INT Forms
Payer Amount
1. $
2. $
3. $
4. $

Dividends - Attach 1099-DIV Forms
Payer Total Capital Gain Ordinary Dividend
1. $ $ $
2. $ $ $
3. $ $ $
4. $ $ $

State Tax Refund - Attach 1099-G Forms

Amount Received $    Check if you did not itemize in prior years

Capital Gains - Attach 1099-B and 1099-S Forms

Description Date Acquired Date Sold Sales Price Cost or Basis
1. $ $
2. $ $
3. $ $
4. $ $

Pensions/IRA Distributions - Attach 1099-R Forms
Payer Gross Distribution Taxable Amount Roth Conversion
1. $ $ $
2. $ $ $
Check box if Federal or State Tax was withheld

Alimony Received

Payer    Payer's Social Security #    Amount $

Unemployment Received - Attach 1099-G Forms

Taxpayer Amount $    Spouse Amount $

Social Security Received - Attach SSA-1099 Forms

Taxpayer Amount $    Spouse Amount $

Miscellaneous Income
Description Amount Self-Employment
$ Yes     No
$ Yes     No
Further information about your miscellaneous income:

Adjustments to Income

Alimony Paid:      Payee   Payee's Social Security #   Amount $
Other Adjustments
Educator Expenses ($250 limit per qualfied taxpayer) $
Education Deduction (tuition + expenses to $4,000) $
IRA Deduction $
Keogh/SEP Deduction $
Education IRA Deduction $
MSA Deduction $
HSA Deduction $
Penalty on Early Withdrawal of Savings $


Medical and Dental Expenses

Medical Insurance Premiums
Doctors, Dentists, etc. (Net of insurance reimbursement)

Taxes Paid

State & Local Income Taxes Withheld or Paid for Prior Year
Real Estate Taxes:   Residence    Other Property
Personal Property Tax
Sales taxes for purchase of car, truck, boat or airplane (attach receipts)
Other Taxes:   Description   Amount $

Interest Paid - Attach 1098 Forms

Home Mortgage Interest Paid (1st)
Home Mortgage Interest Paid (2nd)
Home Mortgage (Equity Line)
Investment interest (margin account, other)
Student Loan Interest

Contributions - Attach Details. Must have documentation for all donations.

Contributions by Cash or Check
Contributions by Other than Cash

Miscellaneous Deductions

Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses: Description
Union/Professional Dues
Investment Expense
Tax Return Preparation Fees
Safe Deposit Box Rental

Business Income

General Information
Taxpayer Spouse
Cash Basis Accrual Basis Other Accounting Method First Year
Principal Bus./Profession
Business Name
Business Address
City, State, Zip

Gross Receipts or Sales $
Returns and Allowances $
Other Income $

Cost of Goods Sold
Inventory at Beginning of the Year $
Purchases $
Cost of Items for Personal Use $
Cost of Labor $
Materials and Supplies $
Other Costs $
Inventory at End of the Year $
Advertising $
Car and Truck Expenses* $
Commissions $
Employee Benefit Programs $
Insurance (other than health) $
Health Insurance Premiums for Self* $
Mortgage Interest (paid to banks, etc.) $
Other Interest $
Legal and Professional $
Office Expense $
Pension and Profit Sharing Plans $
Rent - Vehicles, Machinery, and Equipment $
Rent - Other Business Property $
Repairs $
Supplies $
Taxes - Real Estate $
Taxes - Other $
Travel $
Other* $
Total Meals and Entertainment $
Utilities $
Wages $

*Attach a detailed schedule

Did you aquire or dispose of any business assets (including real estate) during the year?   Yes No

If yes, attach a detailed schedule.

Did you have a home office during the year?   Yes No    Do you own the home?  Yes No
Home Office Expenses
Rent $   Utilities $
Insurance $   Janitorial $
Misc. $   % of exclusive business use

Rental Income and Expenses

Check if any property was purchased/converted to rental in 2014.

Property Address

1. Used personally more than 14 days or 10% of days rented
2. Used personally more than 14 days or 10% of days rented
3. Used personally more than 14 days or 10% of days rented

Property 1. 2. 3.
Rents Received
Association Dues
Auto and Travel
Professional Fees
Mortgage Interest
Other Interest
Repairs and Maintenance

Estimated Tax Payments

Federal Estimates Date Paid Amount Paid
Overpayment Applied from Prior Year $
1st Quarter $
2nd Quarter $
3rd Quarter $
4th Quarter $

State Estimates Date Paid Amount Paid
Overpayment Applied from Prior Year $
1st Quarter $
2nd Quarter $
3rd Quarter $
4th Quarter $

Miscellaneous Questions

If any of the following items pertain to you or your spouse for the year 2014, please check the appropriate box and include all pertinent details.


Were there any births, adoptions, marriages, divorces, or deaths in your immediate family during the year?

Are any of your unmarried children, who might be claimed as dependents, 19 years of age or older?

Do you have any children under age 18 with interest, dividend, and or capital gain income in excess of $850?

Can you be claimed as a dependent on another person's tax return?

Did you or your spouse "rollover" a retirement plan distribution into another plan? If yes, enter amount $ , and attach Form 1099-R.

Did you or your spouse receive any disability income during the year? If yes, enter amount. $

Did you open a Roth IRA account or convert an IRA into a Roth IRA?

Did you purchase, sell, or refinance your principal home or your second home, or make a home equity loan during the year? If yes, please bring escrow papers and other relevant information.

Were reductions in mortgage loan payments from refinancing used to pay for home improvements?

Did you sell any stocks, bonds, or other investment property during the year? If yes, please send the descriptions, date acquired, date sold, sales price, cost or basis, and expenses of sale.

Did you make gifts in excess of $13,000 during 2014?

Did you pay any one household employee cash wages of $1,500 or more in 2014; withhold federal income tax during 2014 at the request of any household employee; or pay total cash wages of $1,500 or more in 2014 to household employees?

Did you use your car on the job (other than to and from work)?

Does anyone owe you money which has become uncollectible?

Did you incur moving expenses during the year due to a change of employment?

Did you or your spouse work out of town for part of the year?

Did you incur a loss because of damaged or stolen property?

Did you make payments for post-secondary education?

Do you or your spouse want to allocate $3 to the Presidential Election Campaign Fund?

Did you have an interest in or signature authority over a bank or brokerage account in a foreign country, or were you a grantor of or transferrer to a foreign trust?

Were you audited by either the Internal Revenue Service or the State taxing agency during the year?

Did you receive any K-1s from partnerships, estates, trusts, or LLCs? If so, please attach.

Do you have an up-to-date will?

Did any of your dependents live outside the U.S.? If so, please provide details.

Did you have a health savings account (HSA) for 2014?

Do you have minimum tax credits more than three years old? (Part may be refundable for 2014)

Print the organizer, fax it to us, or bring it to your appointment.

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All information provided is general in nature and intended to create awareness, not to address the specific circumstances or concerns of any individual or entity. Although we try to provide correct and timely information, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information or that such information will continue to be accurate in the future due to the changing nature of the tax laws. Before acting on any of the information provided here, you should consult with a professional advisor who knows all of the unique facts and circumstances pertinent to your particular situation.